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Crunch Victims List for February 2009.

Below are the companies that lost jobs during the month of February 2009. This list comprises of mainly UK companies. This does not not include companies that went into administration or have filed for bankruptcy.

[Company – Losses – Date]

South West Trains 640 Feb 4
Ford UK 850 Feb 5
WS Atkins 930 Feb 11
Castings 350 Feb 12
Hyder Consulting 400 Feb 12
Oxford Instruments 230 Feb 12
Virgin Atlantic 600 Feb 12
BMW (Mini) 850 Feb 16
GKN 800 Feb 17
Zavvi 1272 Feb 18
JJB Sports 438 Feb 19
Barratt Dev 700 Feb 25
Standard Life 232 Feb 25
Hays 450 Feb 26
RSA Insurance 1200 Feb 26

Total losses = 9942

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How to NOT become a Crunch Victim in 120 seconds?

Here is some good advice from Dr Richard Dixon on how to survive the credit crunch. It could be anyone with “common sense” standing there telling you what you should be doing.

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You are the weakest link – goodbye!

the weakest link

Nortel to eliminate a further 3200 jobs, that is on top of the 30000 they planned to cut back in January.
ALZA Pharma to pink slip 120 in CA
Texas Youth Commission to axe 130 employees
Dow Corning eliminates 800 jobs
Nokia are hoping 1000 sad souls “volunteer” for layoffs

Total Losses = 5200

There will be no recession or job losses in the next week. will be taking a break from the global doom and gloom and checking their two staff members into a resort for some much needed E&MP (exercise and muscle punishment)…

Cruvic is going snowboarding where there is only mountains, snow, trees, fresh air and brilliant views, not to mention good food and pleasant company. (No television, mobiles, internet or bad news)…. well that is the plan, whether I stick to it, is another story.

Blame it on ED!

edLots of companies are blaming ED for their troubles. Take – They are reporting major losses as the downturn deepens. They swung from a profit to a dramatic loss as the internet price comparison group becomes the latest victim of the economic downturn.

We will review the cost base, we will extract more value from lower online and offline marketing spend, we will re-engineer our systems and get closer to our providers and customers

The immediate task is to get leaner and more efficient, continue to generate cash and ensure the business is well positioned for when the recovery eventually comes

said Mr Plumb (CEO).

What a load of crap? These CEO’s think they can ‘talk the talk’ and suddenly everything will get better.  Surely it’s a bit late talking business tactics and way to work better, when the shit has already hit the fan! You guys should have been doing that from the start, then you wouldn’t be in this position.

Ha Ha!

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Unemployment soaring in China.

How to avoid words like recession, credit crunch or job cuts?

justlogoThere is a great new website called Recession Blocker. If you are tired of reading websites that publish bad news, recession news, job losses, credit crunch, doom and gloom, then load up Recession Blocker and type in your favourite news website (e.g. and hit GO.

It’s so darn clever. I used my website as an example and already feel so much happier. It simply blocks the following banned words.


Celebrity Crunch Victims (CCV). is proud to launch the Celebrity Crunch Victims page or CCV as you will see it on the menu.

There have been quite a few high profile celebrities recently crying over their losses, most notably celebrity chef  ‘Antony Worrall Thompson‘ who just happened to go into administration because he was running his business so well (NOT!).

So for this CCV page, I will endevour to find a Celebrity Crunch Victim per month. It just so happens that we are blessed with two such cases for the month of February.

How lucky are we? Click the CCV link to see more.

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House prices fall by 26.7 percent in the US.

Happy new .......................... HDR

The S&P/Case-Shiller composite index of 20 metropolitan areas tumbled to 18.2% in the last quarter from a year earlier. This is the largest drop since the series began 21 years ago. At it’s peak in 2006, home prices have plummeted 26.7 percent.

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Teachers are victims of the credit crunch as well.

Student in Class

RENFREWSHIRE council is to axe 81 school jobs, including 28 teachers, as part of £2.4 million worth of cuts.
Dozens of teachers, classroom assistants, admin staff, foreign language assistants and music tutors are to go.

This is according to the website.

Mr Mackay said:

The number of pupils in Renfrewshire’s 11 secondary and 51 primary schools has dropped by around 1,000 compared with 2007-8.
One of the reasons we have fewer teachers is that we have fewer pupils – it’s a simple equation.

Job losses = 81

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500 employees at Vodafone see red as job cuts announced.


Vodafone, the worlds largest mobile operator has announced plans to cut about 500 jobs in the UK in an effort to reduce costs. (Another company spending beyond their means and now their employees suffer the consequences).

As customers look for best value in their mobile services, Vodafone intends to reduce its cost base whilst continuing to invest in new products and services to meet changing customer needs.

Why don’t they start by dropping their ridiculously high call charges?

The 500 job losses include 170 posts at Vodafone’s head office in Newbury, Berkshire, in back-office type roles.

Job losses = > 499

Other cool websites related to Crunch Victims.

In all this doom and gloom and lets face it, there is a lot of it going around at the moment across the world. It is quite refreshing to see a few good websites popping up on the Internet to cover the recession, the financial woes, the bad news from the past few months, present and future.

We are targeting the grim reality of job losses, layoffs, companies going into adminstration / company insolvency and how the recession is biting everyone in the bum.

Here is rough guide what other websites are doing and what they are covering. If you have a website related to the above and want to feature on then drop me an email


Jobacle.comCareer advice, employment news and job Website reviews – with ZERO BS! The Jobacle blog and podcast delivers everything work-related with a healthy dose of reality.  They have just started a daily podcast  that will deliver the latest unemployment news and layoff headlines in 90 seconds or less. (we are mentioned in their Recession File #9), which is “wow guys, thank you!” – The definitive unemployment blog – According to their About page, the unemploymentality is a transformative state of mind that is the result of a sudden loss of job. Initial symptoms include spite and resentment towards the ubiquitous “economy.” People in these early stages can often be found at bars and Speakeasys, their heads hung low over a pint. – This is one awesome blog run by John Henion and Tania Khadder. 

The 405 Club – New York’s Official Unemployment Benefit Collection Club, The Fastest Growing Club in New York. This site has some interesting articles on all aspects of New Yorkers losing their jobs, claiming benefits, getting new jobs, etc. A real good read and a worthy bookmark. – This website is about a guy called Norm, who has been laid off 4 time in 8 years and he blogs from experience. Another great website with a personal touch. – Getting fired, laid off and hired again. Another persons view of the messy, complicated experience of being hired and fired.

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Recession Risk – Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007.

I stumbled upon this interesting video. This is a set of clips of Peter Schiff from 2006 and 2007. Here he tells the media what he thinks will happen in 2008 and the future in terms of a recession and the risk of major losses.There are two idiots (Arthur Laffer and Charles Payne) arguing against him. It’s actually quite funny listening to these numpties. They even joke and laugh at Peter Schiff, but he is spot on with his predictions. Definitely worth a watch.

I guess the question we should be asking is where is Arthur Laffer and Charles Payne today? I bet they are not advising people on their finances or being interviewed on TV.

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Preparing for a layoff.

Here is a good article by  Dawn Rosenberg McKay

When a company is struggling financially its employees could face a layoff.  Preparing for a layoff may shorten the period of time you will be unemployed. Here are steps you can take to help keep a layoff from hitting you too hard.

* Having Your Resume Ready: Add new skills as you master them; also include career related milestones and completed projects as they occur; you can always remove irrelevant information from your final version.

* Keeping Your Network Alive: Actively network while you’re still working; check in with members of your network with a quick phone call or email; take the opportunity to help others – they may someday return the favor.

* Sharpening Your Skills: Brush up on your skills or learn some new ones; if you don’t think you have time to attend classes, consider distance learning.

* Taking Time for Yourself: Your emotional well-being will help you withstand the rigors of a difficult job search; keep up with interests outside of work, for example a daily workout, a hobby, or even a weekly manicure.

* Thinking About a Career Change: If you’ve been thinking of a career change, you’re better off pursuing it while you’re still employed; when you lose your job, your priority may be finding a new one as quickly as possible.

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Companies that went into administration week ending 14/02/2009.