No smiles at Jessops as all 1370 jobs go.


According to Wikipedia;

Jessops was the United Kingdom’s largest specialist photographic retailer, which had 192 shops across the country. Many branches contained mini-labs that offered one hour processing or an “express’ 25 minute service.

It is a very sad day for the 1370 employers who have all lost their jobs. I am amazed Jessops lasted as long as it did, what with the online market taking off. I have purchased a number of cameras over the years and always found Jessops to be too expensive. I bought most of my cameras from Tottenham Court Road where prices were a lot more competitive than Jessops. I have also bought from the likes of Amazon and Pixmania and of course they can offer a lot better deals.

For me what I don’t understand is, if a company like Jessops in 2007 realized they were not doing well, why did they not close some shops in areas where the market just wasn’t there or get rid of expensive equipment such as the mini-labs that did photo processing? Did they really have to have 192 shops?

Source: Sky News & Wikipedia

Total loss: 1370

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