Keeping track of UK and globally based companies that are going into administration or announcing job cuts in order to survive the recession or credit crunch.

Sadly, there will be many victims.

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Cruvic : Author / Moderator

Cruvic is my blog name, made up of the first few letters of ‘Crunch’ and ‘Victims’.  Like a lot of other websites covering the credit crunch, recession & unemployment woes  there is always a reason why someone would do a site like this one?  The great depression, the recessions of years gone by, the market crashes, most of us where not around then to see it for ourselves. This is one fantastic opportunity to record it.

It is painful if you happen to be one of the victims of the credit crunch. I really do feel for you and everyone in similar positions. At the same I feel very strongly about the people who have caused this problem. Most of them are probably sitting on sandy beaches, sipping their pina colada cocktails and sunning themselves and just waiting for all the problems to blow over. A lot of them are ruling us and putting our great countries into so much debt that the generations to come will be burdened forever and a day.

I am also adding information and news to a Google Map, which I created and have aptly named “VicMap“.

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