Blame it on ED!

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Credit crunch hitting black cab maker hard.


We’ve had a very difficult time over the last 4 years – the credit crunch has been very hard on us.

There are 288 jobs on the line if the company goes into administration.

Source: Sky news

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600 Little Chef jobs lost.


Source: Sky news

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Every 3.69 minutes someone is going bankrupt (scary!)

According to Credit Action, the debtors’ charity, people go bankrupt at the rate of one every 3.69 minutes. A property is repossessed in the UK every 11.4 minutes. Spare a thought for the hard-worked staff of the Citizens Advice Bureau who handle an estimated 9.500 new debt problems every day. A staggering 16,348 individual bankruptcy petitions were made in the first three months of this year, along with 2,177 company winding-up petitions due to financial difficulty.

Source: The Independent

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Kiss Flights the latest to blame it on ED!

London-based firm Flight Options Limited, which traded as Kiss Flights, officially ceased trading. Flight Options was launched in 1995 offering flights to various Mediterranean destinations. Kiss was set up as a seat-only operator in 2008 following XL Leisure Group‘s collapse.

In all, 13 travel firms have gone bust in the UK this year as a result of the recession, belt-tightening by travellers and the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud that threw European travel into turmoil. That compares with 33 last year.


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Is the UK recession really over?

According to the site UK Recession the recession is over but what does that really mean to you and I?

Can the country stop blaming ED for everything?

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BMI announces 600 job losses due to worst recession ever.

bmi logo

British Midlands (BMI) has announced plans to lay off 600 employees and axe five routes as part of a restructuring effort aimed at returning the company to profit.  Most of the job losses at the British airline – now fully owned by German flag carrier Lufthansa – will affect cabin crew and other front-line “operational” staff.  BMI will also cease to operate outbound services to Tel Aviv, Brussels, Kiev and Aleppo as of next January, with flights to Amsterdam being axed in March.  The loss of its Tel Aviv service, which was only launched two years ago, will come as a particularly heavy blow to Heathrow’s second largest carrier.

Announcing the loss of 600 jobs from a workforce of just 4,400, the airline said;

The move takes place against a background where the airline industry is facing the challenges of a downturn in demand and the worst recession in the UK since records began.

Total losses = 600


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London Lite blames ED for closure.

The London Lite is set to close with the loss of 36 jobs, despite them making a profit in the weeks after the London Paper ceased distribution after Rupert Murdoch shut it down.

Total losses = 36

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Boris blames fare increase on recession.

Nobody wants to make a decision like this, especially when Londoners are feeling the effects of the recession. It is not a decision I have taken lightly. However, the mistakes of the past and the current economic climate have conspired to present us with a huge challenge.

Those words from the mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

So basically he is blaming it on ED!

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Searchme: need a buyer or $100 million.


Source: CEO Randy Adams on Techcrunch;

We haven’t closed the financing. We knew when we started the company that to compete with the likes of Microsoft, Google and Yahoo, it was going to take at least $100 million, half to build the back end across thousands of servers and half to get distribution (maybe more with Microsoft spending $100 million on Bing advertising alone).

What we didn’t plan on was the terrible downturn in the economy which made it impossible to raise another $50 million to get distribution (mainly through toolbar deals). In this economy nobody wants to invest that kind of money in a company that is pre-revenue, even if the net result is potentially a multi-billion dollar company.

Cruvic: I was very sad to see this wonderful search engine up for sale and even worse offline. I used it a lot on my mobile and it was extremely useful. I do hope they find the money in the future or a suitable solution. Unfortunately their loss is someone elses gain and no doubt a company that has lots of cash to burn will take this idea and make it even better.

searchme ip for sale

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Lingerie maker Intimas has brought in the administrators.


Lingerie maker Intimas has brought in the administrators after a long spell of poor trading in the Economic Downturn. The Derbyshire-based business has called in PricewaterhouseCoopers to sell the company as a going concern and protect its 200-odd employees’ positions. The administrators are to review the business and the sale options for Intimas and its main brands. Intimas reported £1.65m of losses in the first half of 2008, due to declining sales.

Intimas specialises in designing women’s lingerie and swimwear. It also manufactures brand goods for labels including Ted Baker, Lepel and Charnos, as well as collections for retailers on the high street.  Intimas signed a three-year contract to make products for Caprice Lingerie, in 2006.

Stuart Maddison, joint administrator at PricewaterhouseCoopers, believes that the sale will attract plenty of interest.

Source: Hanna Lahabib at Business Sales Report

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Hardware buying group Mica UK in administration.

Mica UK Ltd, a Stafford-based hardware buying and marketing group has gone into administration after a problematic expansion strategy, followed by the Economic Downturn.
The newly launched product Mica Vault, meant an increase of new members, and output levels, however the sales were not enough to cover costs.
The group has suffered from increasing losses and poor cashflow, in the recession.

Mica is a voluntary trading group, which allows its members, independent hardware shops, to compete with larger rivals such as B&Q. The group is owned by the independent hardware store operators, according to the company’s website. The group has over 160 member stores in the UK. The retailers also purchase their stocks through Mica.

Leonard Curtis has been appointed as administrators to the group, and has taken over the warehouse and stock.

The business is to continue to trade under the name of Mica DIY. A long-term supplier to the hardware business Stax Trade Centres is to take over the Vault as Mica’s wholesaler.

Source: Rob Moore

1 week 55 companies lay off 20000+ people.

Girtz Industries to layoff 60 in Indiana.
Boston Redevelopment Authority  to cut 30 job.
Watson Pharmaceuticals cuts 275 jobs.
Vacumet Corp layoffs 39 employees.
Volunteer Fabricators cuts 145 jobs.
Lockheed Martin to cut 535 jobs in San Jose.
CUNA Mutual Group cuts 52 jobs.
Guardian Life Insurance layoffs 39.
Premier Elkhorn Coal Company cuts 100 jobs.
United Methodists eliminates 50 minutes.
Transcontinental layoffs 250 workers.
General Motors cuts 38 Missouri dealers, 66 Illinois, 887 workers in Wentzville.
Symmetricom layoffs 30.
Frontier Financial Corp cuts 45 jobs.
Cessna to cut 1300 more jobs.
American Airlines cuts 1600 jobs.
UTStarcom cuts 2300 jobs worldwide.
Carlson Craft layoffs 114.
Shaw Group to cut 168 jobs by August.
Zimmer Holdings layoffs 100 in Warsaw.
H&H Foodservice Inc cuts 90 jobs.
Reynolds Packaging layoffs 158 employees.
Indevus Pharmaceuticals cuts 60 jobs.
Heifer International plans to layoff 20% of workforce.
Design Craftsmen layoffs entire workforce.
Cadence Design Systems cuts 225 jobs.
Meridian Automotive Systems cuts 200 jobs in India.
Ixia layoffs 10% of workforce.
Metalcraft closes Mayville facility, 121 jobs lost.
Quantum Engineering layoffs 88.
Crystal Dynamics cuts 25 jobs.
Keystone Findings closes Telford operations, 46 jobs.
Bass Berry & Sims layoffs 32 employees.
Ford Motors layoffs 350 workers at Louisville Plan.
Baxter Healthcare layoffs 65.
Advanced Steel layoffs 91 employees.
MeadWestvaco cuts 65 jobs in Wisconsin.
Lloyds Bank cuts 1660 jobs.
Ericsson layoffs 167 workers.
Capital Group layoffs 94 in San Antonio.
McAvoy Group layoffs 35, as the companies struggles with a slump in orders.
LM Glasfiber layoffs 80 workers.
Orgill Inc cuts 176 jobs.
Electrolux cuts 150 jobs.
Dassault Falcon layoffs 111 employees.
Suzlon might layoff 90 employees.
Lehigh Phoenix layoffs 54 employees. Lehigh Phoenix is the principal provider of cover components, overhead transparencies and juvenile book production for the publishing industry in the United States.
Intuit cuts 4% of workforce.
Georgia Gulf Corp cuts 100 jobs.
Newport Television cuts around 120 jobs.
Columbia Falls Aluminum closes plant, 90 jobs lost.
Nortech Systems layoffs 57 in Iowa. Nortech makes electronics equipment such as printed circuit-board assemblies, for three primary markets: aerospace/defense, medical and industrial.
One Communications Corp layoffs 60 in Rochester.
American Express
to cut 4000 jobs this year. The credit card and travel services company, plans to eliminate 4000 jobs, or 6 percent of its workforce, as the weakened economy causes higher customer defaults.

Total losses = +- 20000

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Crunch victims for first week of June 2009.

Here is a sample of job losses, layoffs, and people being fired for various reasons during the first week of June 2009. Not a good sight to see.

Machester Tank closes plant, 66 jobs lost
Fort Wayne Foundry Corp cuts 461 jobs
Harsco Corp cuts 90 jobs
Nearly 100 Turner Industries contract maintenance workers were laid off from the Georgia Gulf plant in Plaquemine
Lockheed Martin layoffs 100 employees
10000 jobs under threat at Royal Dutch Shell
Multiserv layoffs 90 employees
Volvo USA cuts 135 jobs

Southco logo

Southco Inc. laid off 200 employees throughout its global network Wednesday, including 69 at its Delaware County headquarters. The general economic conditions were the cause of these reductions.

Penske Logistis layoffs 53 truck drivers
Nestor Traffic Systems goes into receivership, more than 100 jobs at stake
ABB cuts 25 jobs at Jefferson City plant
Trane Inc will layoff 320 at Pueblo plant by August
Barlow Lyde & Gilbert layoffs 49 in England
McDermott layoffs 25 lawyers and 47 staff
Satyam may layoff only 5000
Philips Products closes Stayton plant, 125 jobs lost
Call centre operator MCCI layoffs 450
University of Colorado cuts 75 jobs
Paragon Industries cuts 105 jobs
Tree of Life layoffs 39 jobs
Hardigg Industries cuts 50 jobs
AGCo cuts 60 jobs
Rheem Manufacturing cuts 470 employees

Aegon USA
a subsidiary of Netherlands-based insurer Aegon N.V., will cut 138 positions from its Louisville offices at Aegon Tower.

Emerson lays off 176 in Minnesota
Capital Group cuts 820 jobs
Principal Financial Group cuts 220 jobs
Ken-American Resources layoffs 75 employees
Fidelity Investments layoffs 45 in Merrimack
Dorsey & Whitney cuts 55 jobs
Harris Corp layoffs 100 mechanical engineers
Waukesha Engine cuts 113 jobs. The layoffs, plus the 84 layoffs and 17 early retirements in February, account for 40 percent of the plant’s union members. The company blames the Economic Downturn has affected their product so they are trying to align their work force.

Wausau Paper closes Appleton facility, 100 jobs lost
John Deere layoffs 494 workers at Iowa plant
Nanogen layoffs 89 employees
Suzuki & Mitsubishi car delarships to close in Hernando County, 80 jobs lost
Autodesk Inc to cut 430 jobs in latest round of layoffs
Metlife layoffs around 250
Greenwich Hospital layoffs 77 employees

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Microsoft boot 3000 employees because of ED!


Microsoft have booted out at least 3000 employees blaming the impact of the Economic Downturn on the company and if necessary they will take further actions if things do not improve in the coming months.  This is what the CEO steve Bullmer had to say via email.

In January, in response to the Global Economic Downturn, I announced our plan to adjust the company’s cost structure through spending reductions and job eliminations. Today, we are implementing the second phase of this plan.  This is difficult news to share. Because our success at Microsoft has always been the direct result of the talent, hard work, and commitment of our people, eliminating positions is hard.

As we move forward, we will continue to closely monitor the impact of the economic downturn on the company and if necessary, take further actions on our cost structure including additional job eliminations.

Job losses = 3000

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A miserable Monday for job losses and crunch victims.

USCV: Another big day in the United States for job losses.

pontiacGeneral Motors Corp. could be majority owned by the federal government under a massive restructuring plan laid out Monday that will cut 21000 U.S. factory jobs by next year and phase out the storied Pontiac brand.

For Pontiac, the decision means the death of a brand known for its muscle cars including the Trans Am made famous in movies and the GTO, the subject of a nostalgic song by Ronny and the Daytonas.

Total losses = 22265