Who does Kerry Katona blame for having to declare bankruptcy twice?


It amazes me how celebrities think they can live the good life, spend spend spend and not think about the consequences. Sadly one doesn’t have to be a celebrity to get into the kind of trouble that has seen Kerry been declared bankrupt twice in 5 years.

But who is at fault or to blame for allowing Kerry to fall into financial ruin twice?

The cowboy loan shark sites such as Cash Lady, which funny enough was the company Kerry was recommending, Wonga, Pounds to pocket etc. They offer a quick money solution at ridiculously high interest rates (high being exorbitant by any sane or intelligent person. We are talking hundreds and even thousands of percent).


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Dionne Warrick bankrupt.


It is funny (not) how these ex rich folk always blame bad financial management after they declare bankruptcy. There they have been living the high life for many years and not paying the correct tax and then boom, one day it all catches up on them.

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Gary Dourdan of CSI is bankrupt.


You gotta wonder how an actor of his stature and fame can be bankrupt? But it’s true according to

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Ex Popworld presenter Miquita Oliver files for bankruptcy.


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Ready steady cook caught shoplifting at Tesco.

Antony Worrall Thompson, a celebrity crunch victim back in 2009, is in the news again, for shoplifting.


He was recently caught shoplifting cheese from Tesco.

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Source: Sky News

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Celebrity crunch victims salaries slashed.

UKCV: Jonathan Ross, Chris Moyles, Barbara Windsor, Graham Norton and Terry Wogan will be among hundreds of big names left worse off. That is hundreds of millions of pounds the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV could be saving if they insisted these over paid idiots (some of them) take a 50% salary cut. It’s not as if they are hard done by, considering most of them are multi-millionaires and have been overpaid for years.

wossJonathan Ross pictured on the left is reportedly paid 18 million pounds for presenting his chat show / tv show. He will have his 3 year contract slashed by 4.5 million pounds. The poor man is going to be totally distraught losing £1.5 million a year. He was recently suspended for 3 months for his part in a prank call to Andrew Sachs, so it’s amazing how the BBC feel the need to pay this jerk so much money each year?

Here are a few more well known UKCV facing huge salary cuts:

chrismoylesChris Moyles (Loud Mouth DJ)
2008: £630,000
2009: £472,000 (-£158,000)

davinamcall Davina McCall (Big Brother Presenter)
2008: £500,000
2009: £400,000 (-£100,000)

grahamnortonGraham Norton (Camp Chat Show Host)
2008: £2.5MILLION
2009: £1.9MILLION (-£600,000)

READ MORE: Celebrity Crunch Victims salaries slashed….. (ccv).

Celebrity Crunch Victims (CCV). is proud to launch the Celebrity Crunch Victims page or CCV as you will see it on the menu.

There have been quite a few high profile celebrities recently crying over their losses, most notably celebrity chef  ‘Antony Worrall Thompson‘ who just happened to go into administration because he was running his business so well (NOT!).

So for this CCV page, I will endevour to find a Celebrity Crunch Victim per month. It just so happens that we are blessed with two such cases for the month of February.

How lucky are we? Click the CCV link to see more.