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300 people made redundant at Comet.


Source: Sky News

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AMD cutting 3500 jobs.


Source: Crave.cnet.co.uk

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Best Buy to layoff 2400 staff.


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Nikon has 1000 Crunch Victims on the way.


Nikon is to cut about 1000 jobs from its domestic plants. It also plans to downsize its subsidiaries in Sinapore and transfer parts of the business to Taiwan Job cuts are expected to save about 8 billion Yen or 84 million Dollars.

Nikon forecasts a net loss of 17 billion yen ($179 million) the fiscal year through March 2010. It posted a net profit of 28.1 billion yen last business year on sales of 879.7 billion yen.

The Tokyo-based manufacturer best known for its cameras have been hit particularly hard amid falling demand for steppers, a device used to make semiconductors.

Total losses = 1000

Layoff Tracker – Thursday Crunch Victims.

It’s been a busy old day in the world of job loss.

Total losses = 8131

Source: Layoff Tracker

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Atmel fires 300 staff members and blames Global ED!


Atmel, the makers of semiconductors, continues to make changes to its business model by firing 300 employees in an attempt to survive the Global Economic Downturn. In 2008, the company fired a 2000 of its 8000 workers.

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Toshiba cuts 3900 jobs.


Toshiba are predicting record losses today and are openly blaming ED for their financial crisis and as a result will be slashing 3900 jobs.  The electronics and engineering group estimated its net loss hit 350 billion yen (3.5 billion dollars) in the financial year ending March 2009, even worse than the 280-billion-yen shortfall it had predicted in January.

It would be Toshiba’s biggest ever loss.

Total losses = 3900

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Panasonic retrenches 130 people.

In its latest round of layoffs, Japanese electronics company Panasonic began handing out retrenchment notices at its Ang Mo Kio plant.

In total, 130 staff at Panasonic Semiconductor Asia will be laid off, according to executive secretary of the United Workers of Electronics and Electrical Industries Halimah Yacob. While the bulk are rank-and-file workers, 30 are from the ranks of professionals, managers, executives and technicians. About 50 are foreigners.

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Just another manic Monday.


If losing 3500 jobs from Corus was bad enough the following companies also announced job losses:

Over in the USA  a total of 48000 jobs were lost today, a lot of them from big named companies:

In Europe: