5300 less soldiers to protect us.


Source: Sky News


Who will defend us as army plan to make cuts?


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BAE cuts 600 jobs.


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RAF Kinloss to lose 108 skilled MR2 Nimrod staff.

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Scores of civilian jobs are to be axed at a Moray airbase which has played a key role in the Afghan and Iraq wars. RAF Kinloss will lose 108 skilled staff who maintain and service its fleet of 11 MR2 Nimrod surveillance aircraft.

RAF Kinloss

Total losses = 108

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Boeing to layoff 1000 employees


Boeing intends laying-off nearly 1000 employees of IDS department. The employees of the hitherto-spared division face the ax largely because of funding cuts by the Pentagon.

Total losses = 1000

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Navistar sack 275 workers


Navistar International Corp., the largest maker of blast-proof trucks for the U.S. military, will lay off 275 workers at a Mississippi plant because of declining production of the vehicles.

Navistar lost out on a $1.06 billion contract with the U.S. Defense Department last month to build all-terrain trucks that would protect troops in Afghanistan from roadside bombs, to Oshkosh Corp., which received that order.

Total losses = 275

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